Classroom Discussions & the Talk Moves
restate student idea and then verify where it was accurate
You said that the area is measured in inches? Is that correct?
Say More
To help a student clarify and share her thinking, the teacher might try
to get the student to expand on what has been said.
Tell us more about your thinking?
Can you expand on that?
Can you give us an example?
ask other students to restate an idea
Kendra, can you repeat what Tim said in your own words?
Press for Reasoning
You ask a student to explain his or her reasoning.
Why do you think that?
What is your evidence?
How did you get that answer?
What convinced you that was the right answer?
Why did you think that strategy would work?
Where in the text is there support for that claim?
Can you prove that to us?
What makes you think that?
I’m not sure I understand. Can you explain it to me step-by-step?
Agree/Disagree and Why
use this to make sure the students heard and had
time to process the thought
Do you agree or disagree with that idea? Why?
Adding On
prompt students to participate further
Who would like to add onto that idea?
What do you think about that?
Wait Time
allow students to organize their ideas and encourage all to contribute
We’ll wait for your ideas.
Should we come back to you later?
Student A contributes a comment or answer, then teacher waits for input from class
Partner Talk
turn and discuss ideas with a partner
Turn to your partner and discuss any patterns you noticed.

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